The next generation of infusion therapy

Rest, physical activity, and psychological well-being play a crucial role in the recovery of patients. However, current technologies in infusion therapy do not contribute to these factors. At Ivy Medical, these are our primary focus so that is why we symbolize the next generation of infusion therapy. Our mission is to improve the experience for patients and nurses while being pioneers in the industry. 

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Ivy Duo +

The Ivy Duo + fundamentally improves the traditional form of infusion therapy. It is an innovative medical product that increases control and freedom for patients. The infusion pump enables patients to move more and better, sleep undisturbed, and carry out everyday activities independently. For nurses, efficient workflows, a user-friendly interface, and reduction in alarms significantly reduce the workload.

The Ivy Duo + for patients

Faster recovery, less dependency

Greater mobility in the hospital

Ivy Medical’s wearable infusion pump provides more freedom of movement, making patients less dependent on nurses or their environment. Climbing stairs, going to the hospital restaurant, or taking a walk in the hospital garden become so much easier with the Ivy Duo +. Patients are no longer confined to a bed or hooked up to an IV pole, which allows them to move more often and even participate in physiotherapy; an advantage that is linked to significant improvement in recovery.

Better sleep and a sense of security

Traditional infusion pumps interfere with optimal recovery as the alarms cause stress for patients and disturb their sleep. By actively preventing unnecessary alarms, the Ivy Duo + contributes to quality sleep and fosters a sense of security.

Psychological boost

By using a backpack instead of an IV pole, people appear less like patients. Patients can also perform more daily activities independently. This increases and instils autonomy, which stimulates a psychological boost towards recovery.

Ivy for nurses

More convenience, lighter workload

More freedom, improved workflows

Whether you want to administer one or two infusion bags, need a high or low flow rate and whether the patient is receiving fluids, medication, or both, nurses can tailor the infusion program completely to the patient’s situation. This allows hospitals to provide more personalized care to patients and nurses gain more control over their daily schedule.

Reducing work pressure

Thanks to Ivy Medical’s patented technology, unnecessary alarms are a thing of the past. The Ivy Duo + has no drip chamber as it does not need to be in an upright position meaning it is resistant to impact and toppling over. There’s no need to be concerned about air bubbles in the IV tube because the innovative technology employed means that the Ivy Duo + expels them automatically. The alarm only goes off if something is actually wrong. As a result, nurses no longer need to rush as often to turn off the alarm and check the IV.

Easy-to-plan care

Pressure on healthcare is high. The Ivy Duo + reduces this pressure through scheduled switching between IV bags. The intuitive control panel allows nurses to determine the correct program and set the correct flow rate. Need to administer a fluid for a longer period of time and at a fixed frequency over several hours? The Ivy Duo + facilitates this, making health care less ad hoc and easier to plan.